Brother’s Keeper

Excellent Read  I am an avid mystery reader and I really enjoyed your book. I loved that the location was Seattle and I loved the characters . . . very believable and the main character very likeable.  There was definitely a plot that was intriguing and really held my interest, but, so many times, writers have a great plot and then a ho hum ending. I felt, that all the way to the end, the story line was exceptional and so was the ending. When I finished the book, I was already thinking who I would have play the characters if this book were made into a movie.  — BHunger

Won’t help your insomnia  Glenn Gordon has crafted a fantastic thriller that you’ll find hard to put down until you reach the end.  We all want friends like Mack Fraser’s. Follow Mack and his friends as they lead you on a non-stop ride.  — Douglas Dorow, author of The Ninth Precinct

A Sensational Debut  Glenn Gordon has used his first hand knowledge of the Seattle area to craft a page turning thriller that is first rate. You can try to put it down but you’ll soon find yourself finding excuses to put off the chores you promised to do in order to finish the book.  — Yossarian “Book Doc”

Murder’s afoot (or at hand?) in the Pacific Northwest  Gritty, funny, made me miss Seattle.  Gordon creates colorful, memorable characters, including one of the creepiest villains in recent history. (Thanks for the sleepless nights, Glenn.) The pacing and dialogue are spot-on. I hope we see Mack Fraser and his friends in many thrillers to come.  — Alison R. Lockwood, author of The Arsonist’s Last Words

I was not disappointed!  I absolutely loved this book and have recommended it to everyone! The story hooks you from the beginning and each chapter ends making you wonder what’s going to happen next. There are plot twists throughout the book and even when you think you have it all figured out…you don’t!  — Roberta Deal

Word Painter Par Excellant  If you’re looking for a page-turning mystery that paints the Pacific NW in all it’s splendor, whose characters leap off the page and into your mind’s eye in a blink of a wink, do yourself, (and this fine new author), a favor and buy his “Brother’s Keeper” off Amazon. — David Carlson

Superb!  This one had all the elements I needed.  The dialogue, characters, and location descriptions painted a great picture for me.  I feel like I need to go to downtown and visit “Sherm’s,” the bar Mack hung out at to meet his friend Sam.  The storyline kept me guessing which direction it was going to go and at the 1/2 way point I quit putting it down for breaks and read all the way through. — Kelly B. Peterson

Local author smashes through in first try  How much punishment can Mack Fraser take?  Will he be able to keep his family safe? Can he finally get ahead of twisted thinking of whomever it is he seeks? WHAT! I didn’t see that coming! I loved this book. Having grown up in Seattle, I was immediately drawn to Glenn Gordon’s book.  Once I figure out the plot line I begin to break down the author’s techniques, their vocabulary, their inspirations; not so with Glenn Gordon. I was swept up into his writing so thoroughly I lost track of time and finished this wonderful tale late into the morning hours.  Satisfied, yet hungry for more, wondering how he had fooled me, thinking back to the slightest turns I took in my thinking that led me on a goose chase to end up being surprised at the ending. If I re-read books, this would be the one.  In fact . . .  — Jamie Holliday

Kept me up for three nights!  Reading a book from a new author is always an unknown, but this book was terrific.  I stayed up late three nights to read it, finally putting it down when I just couldn’t stay up a minute longer. Yes, I paid the price at work the next day, but it was worth it. It was non-stop action, twists and turns. The author is gifted at creating unique expressions to describe the world. Makes me wish that I could think of those things!  The story just keeps on giving until the very end. — K. T. Valerio

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