One thing I love about being an author is the dynamic and neighborly network of writers, bloggers, and readers I’ve touched bases with all around the world.  Here are links to some of my favorites.

And if you’d like me to share a link to your own website or blog, just fill out the form at the bottom of the page.  Thanks.


J.A. Konrath/Jack Kilborn  The official page of JA Konrath (a.k.a. Jack Kilborn), author of the Lt. Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels thrillers.

Ryne Douglas Pearson  Accomplished novelist, screenwriter, and bacon lover.  He wrote the book Simple Simon which was made into the Bruce Willis film Mercury Rising.

Piper Bayard   Crazy fun author and blogger with a bent towards Belly Dancing, Espionage, and Apocalyptic Annihilation. Seriously.

Wilbur Smith   This is simply my favorite author of all time. Epic, sweeping adventure tales of life in Africa.  Everyone must experience his work at some point.

Lee Child   Uhh, merely the creator of the one and only Jack Reacher!

Douglas Dorow   A good man with a great blog and a fantastic first book with another on the way.

John L. Betcher   An exciting series of books.  Plus the guy is an awesome supporter of we authors.




Ellie Ann Soderstrom  Clever writer of fairy tales and steampunk. And oh so entertainingly funny.

Alison R. Lockwood   Best friend and incredibly talented writer.

Kylene Gordon   Ky Cooks Thai.  My daughter’s Thai food blog.  She spent a year in Thailand and knows her pahd thai.

Kelsey Birnbaum  An almost daily blog shared with her best friend in New York about just living life.  Love this way cool blog!


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