As it says in my byline above, my sincere goal in writing books is to help you escape.  To aid you in setting the here and now aside for a few minutes or hours, so that you can take a trip somewhere different.  Maybe somewhere new or somewhere imagined.  Or foreign or ancient or dangerous.  That’s certainly why I read.  And it’s why I became an author.

Now, I’m relatively new at this — at least the publishing books for you part — but I’ve tried to make it as easy as possible.  You’ll find all sorts of links on this page to book descriptions, and no matter which ebook format you prefer (Kindle, Nook, iTunes, Kobo, Sony Reader, or Apple’s iBook), you’re only a click away.

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Now, let me tell you a little bit about my books.


Brother’s Keeper is the first in a multi-book series featuring Seattleite Mackenzie Fraser, former clandestine military spook now settled comfortably into a successful career as a security expert, everything from alarm system design and installation to high profile protection services.  He’s a single dad to a teenage daughter and hangs out at a hybrid Irish pub/mystery bookstore called Sherlock’s, operated by Mack’s best friend and often co-conspirator, retired police detective Sam Duncan.  Living upstairs and providing genius high-tech support to this unlikely threesome whenever necessary is Sherm “The Worm” Goldberg.

In the aftermath of Seattle’s brutal Park Murders, Mack discovers that one of the itinerant victims is his identical twin brother, a brother who to that moment he never even knew existed.

Against police advice Mack sets out to uncover the dead man’s buried past, a shadowy trail that leads from San Francisco to the Chicago underworld and eventually to the murky forests of Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, the perfect place for hiding secrets. He’s a tortured man in pursuit of answers, unaware that others are equally invested in a similar quest, but for reasons far more sinister. And it’s only a matter of time before their tactics turn violent. Mack soon finds himself the prime suspect in not only his brother’s murder, but the vicious deaths of a dozen others. And the evidence is stacked against him.

Forced into hiding and hunted by old school mobsters, corrupt federal agents, and a Seattle police force on a mission – only then, bruised and battered and pushed to the ultimate limit, does he uncover the audacious means for fighting back and proving his own innocence: the impossible heist of the most impenetrable vault in the Northwest.

And wait until you read the ending.

You can download Brother’s Keeper for the ebook format you prefer at Kindle, Nook, iTunes, Kobo, Sony Reader, or Apple’s iBook.


The contract seemed so simple: ensure safe passage for a single armored transport vehicle containing $26 million of artwork, from the owner’s oceanfront mansion on Bainbridge Island to a private jet hanger 21 miles away, eight of those miles by ferry across the waters of Seattle’s Puget Sound.  Piece of cake, right?

With the arrival terminal barely a mile away, a series of muffled explosions rock the M/V Klickitat and the crippled ferry quickly begins to take on water.  Minutes later, Mack Fraser finds himself treading water and watching the ship — and its precious cargo — slip beneath the waves.  But it’s not the compromise of his contract that chill’s Mack to his core, it’s the sight of his longtime associate  shackled to the railing of the pilot cabin, seconds away from death.  And the realization that the sinking of this ferry was not an accident.

Frustrated with the police department’s snail pace pursuit of answers, and with his security bonding and reputation swirling down the drain, Mack sets out for a few answers of his own.

A very bad decision.

The Ferryman’s Wake has everything you want in a top notch thriller.  A likeable protagonist in a world of hurt.  An international team of elite and elusive art thieves who’ll do almost anything to escape with their prize . . . and who are all too willing to tolerate the deraved idiocyncacies of one of their own.  High speed pursuits, deep water combat, and plenty of lives on the line.  Can Mack and his ramshackle support crew make it out of this one with all body parts intact?

Find out in 2014.



I grew up with three brothers in the foothills of Los Angeles, where most of our afternoons and weekends were spent exploring and defying death and throwing rocks at things.  Boys being boys before Nintendo.  But every Saturday morning we’d plop down in front of the TV with our bowls of Cap’n Crunch or Fruit Loops and watch our favorite shows: Sea Hunt, Sky King, Lassie, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, and our unanimous favorite, Jonny Quest.  The situation was perfect — four boys = four lead characters — so each week we’d dibs for who got to be Jonny or Hadji or Dr. Benton Quest or Roger “Race” Bannon.  And then we’d escape into another world, another grand adventure.  One week evading a ferocious yeti on the slopes of the Himalayas and the next investigating lizard men in the Sargasso Sea.  Mummies, gargoyles, throwback Nazi bad guys, and not to forget that scary-as-hell invisible energy monster. Oh, and the werewolf, loup-garou.  And how could I forget Turu the Terrible.

Anyway, when I decided a year ago to create a series of adventure stories, my thoughts went immediately to Jonny Quest and how I might create for teenagers and adults a sequence of books that captured the enjoyment my brothers and I experienced every Saturday morning.  And so was born The Matt Quick Adventures.

In The Tigers of Tasmania, the famous photo-journalist father of Matt Quick disappears and is presumed dead while on assignment in the remote rainforests of Tasmania and Matt sets out to find him.  Partnered there with his dad’s beautiful Greek girlfriend, he journeys into a mysterious land of rugged wilderness, bizarre animals, and a vicious gang of opium smugglers who have captured his father.  To rescue him, Matt’s will to survive is put to the ultimate test.

The Tigers of Tasmania will be published in 2014.